A Spike Guard is an electrical device used to protect electrical equipments from voltage spikes, surges, and fluctuations. These voltage spikes can occur due to many reasons: a Lightning Strike, Fluctuation from the Electricity Provider, or Improper Electrical Wiring. Fluctuations in a power outlet can cause serious and catastrophic damages to the equipment connected to it.

A Spike Guard is commonly used with printers, TVs, refrigerators, computers, laptops and other sensitive electronic devices to protect them from voltage fluctuations. Although it is recommended to install expensive equipment with Voltage Stabilizers, Spike Guards provide an economical protection measure. 

Spike Guards are also known as Surge Protectors, Spike Busters, and Spike Boards in India. They can also be used as Power Strips because they have multiple sockets which extend the connection in a single power source to multiple power outlets.


Proto Spike Guard

Pivot Power Strip

Electra Power Strip

Pod Power Strip

Diya Power Strip

Charms Power Strip

Mint Power Strip

Nano Power Strip

Uno Power Strip

Exceptional Features

Comes With Multiple Add-Ons

Our spike guards come with multiple add-ons such as indicators, USB ports, individual switches, etc. Making it an ideal choice for every consumer needs.

Extra-Long Cable Length

Pressfit’s Spike Guards and Power Strips are available in various lengths ranging from 1.5 meters to up to 10 meters. For bulk or overseas orders, custom lengths are also available.

High Compatibility

Our spike guards are highly compatible with various plugs available in the market. You do not need any adapter or converter to use it with different plug types.


Pressfit offers a range of precision-engineered Spike Guards that meet defined quality standards. These Spike Guards are designed and manufactured to give our customers a product with guaranteed longevity and excellent service.


In many regions, even with 24x7 power supply, voltage fluctuations are still common. It is a serious risk to your electronic appliances like TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Internet Routers. A spike guard is connected in between your appliance and the problematic power source and guards them from surges.
Spike guards are most commonly used with computers since they are expensive and sensitive to sudden voltage spikes. The traditional 4 socket Spike Guards like Uno and Proto are ideal for usage with computers with the sockets assigned for a Monitor, CPU, Printer, and Router or any other device/accessory.
Many times, Spike Guards are also used to simply extend the power source for convenience.