Fan box is an electrical device that provides secure mounting to a ceiling fan. Traditionally, it has been spherical in shape. Today, it comes in many shapes and designs that make it easier in application. It has a hook in the middle to hang the ceiling fan. There are multiple holes along the periphery of the fan box to connect the wiring along any direction.

During the construction, fan boxes are fitted on the ceiling along with PVC Conduit Pipes, Bends, Wires & Cables, etc. Mostly fan boxes are installed in the middle of the room to have a proper flow of air in every corner. Being one of the most sought-after Fan Box manufacturers in India, Pressfit has an unmatched variety of shapes and designs to suit various applications.


How does it Work?

The working mechanism of a fan box is quite simple. It provides the necessary support and secure electrical connections for uninterrupted power supplies. Along with a fan box, other electrical accessories like PVC Conduit Pipes, Wires, etc. are used in the installation process.

The design of the fan box clearly depicts how it should be used. It has circular holes along the periphery for inserting electrical PVC pipe. These PVC pipes provide the necessary protection to the wires used for supplying power.

A Fan Box can be used for both old and new electrical work. You need to choose the right fan box according to your needs.

Exceptional Features

Corrosion Resistant

We use the latest technologies and raw materials. Our fan boxes are known for their longevity and corrosion resistance. With an eye for quality, we produce high-quality fan boxes at reasonable prices.

Easy To Install

Pressfit Fan Boxes are easy-to-install thanks to great product design and reliable build quality.

Sturdy Built

The fan boxes we manufacture are made using rigid plastic polymers processed in advanced moulding machines. The design of the box provides a secure attachment to the roof allowing it to withstand high gravity pressure.

Classy Design

Although the fan box is not visible after installation, we still care about its aesthetics. We have multiple designs for every person’s need.

Common Applications of Fan Boxes

As the name suggests, fan boxes are used to mount the fan on the ceiling. It has a hook in the middle designed to withstand high strains. It can be used with any type of ceiling fans.

Fan boxes can also be used to hang different types of light fixtures like chandeliers. These light fixtures give a premium look to the interiors.