Extension Flex Box or Board is a portable electrical panel with a long electrical cable that extends the power source beyond the original one. It is also known as Extension Cord, Extension Box, Flex Box, Power Wheel, Extension Wheel, or Power Strip among customers and manufacturers.

An extension flex board helps to extend a power source to a remote device. It gives you the freedom to install/use different electrical appliances wherever you need them. Many people confuse Power Strips and Extension Boards with each-other and believe they are the same. But there is a functional difference between them.

If you want multiple sockets taking power from a single source, use a power strip. But if you want to extend a power source to a remote device, use an extension board.

Pressfit manufactures four ranges of Extension Flex Boxes: Luxury, Essential, Economical, Heavy Duty Extension Flex Boxes. These vary in designs, applications, and price ranges to cater to all requirements from across India and overseas.

  • Luxury Flex Boxes
  • Essentials Flex Boxes
  • Economical Flex Boxes
  • Heavy-Duty Flex Boxes

Exceptional Features


For special occasions and events, every corner of homes, buildings, offices, or pandals are illuminated with decorative lights. For this, we need a sufficient number of power outlets at the places of installation, which is practically impossible. Here the extension flex boards come into action and provide us the needed power connections.

Often, we need to install home appliances like computers, refrigerators, irons, televisions, washers, etc. but either the power source is not available or the given wire length is not enough to reach the socket. To ensure a power connection in such cases, we use an extension flex board, as it usually comes with a long cable and several sockets, enough to make the necessary power connections.