FRLS PVC Conduit Pipe is simply a tube with fire-retardant and low-smoke properties. It is used to enclose, lay and protect electrical wirings in a building or concealed wiring in a construction structure. It also protects people by acting as an insulating barrier between electrical wiring and themselves.

Pressfit’s PVC Conduit Pipes are manufactured conforming to rigorous testing procedures to ensure that the products can withstand tough conditions for a durable life. Using state-of-the-art technology and excellent production techniques, our PVC Conduit Pipes are of the highest quality. They are available in various sizes, specifications, and classes to support the wide range of applications and uses.

Our decades of experience with the product clearly sets us apart from other conduit pipe manufacturers in terms of both product quality and price. If you’re looking for a surface wire ducting solution, check out Pressfit’s Casing-Capping.


Our range of Conduit Pipes are approved under the
IS: 9537 Part 3 BIS standard.


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The use of spring-bending is simple: to turn the wiring path by ninety degrees. Only the absolute best conduit pipes can withstand the kind of pressure required for spring-bending. It makes the pulling of the wires easier as there are no bumps/joins in the middle, just the smooth inner surface of the conduit. Also, it saves the user the cost and the hassle of buying bends.

It is done by directly bending the pipe using a special spring. The spring is inserted into the Conduit Pipe where the bend has to be created. It is then manually bent over the thigh, shoulder, or another supportive surface


Pressfit’s Conduit Pipes are primarily used to enclose electrical wiring. They are placed within the sections of the brick structure before plastering and cementing it. Practically, they are the arteries for any electrical wiring system, the lifeline of every building and structure.

Pressfit Conduit Pipes are corrosion-free and chemically inactive, which makes them an ideal product for underground wiring. It has all the necessary properties to withstand the harsh underground environment. Different types of conduit pipes are available, depending on the specifications required for their respective applications.