Electrical Gang Boxes are used to encase electrical components such as switches, sockets, dimmers, etc. They provide the necessary support and safety from direct contact with external objects. The main purpose of a gang box is to provide the framework for distributing the main power supply across various devices and appliances. The idea is that you can “gang” up electrical components in the box, hence the name.

Pressfit has been one of the foremost manufacturers of electrical gang boxes in India for over 2 decades! The legendary Nano Gang Box was first created by Pressfit. It was the first product that offered the flexibility of breaking sides and converting switch gangs to socket domestic gangs. Pressfit’s Nano Gang Box is still one of the best-selling models of electrical gang boxes in the country.

With changing times, advanced technologies, and superior materials, Pressfit today offers more than 6 types of gang boxes, each innovative in its own sense.

Types of Electrical Gang Boxes

Modular Gang Boxes – Suitable With Modular Switches
  • Uni Modular Gang Boxes – The World’s First Screwless Gang Box
  • Tejas Modular Gang Boxes – The Preferred Choice of Gang Boxes – Suitable with Modular Switches
  • LX Modular Gang Boxes – Gang Boxes with Pressfit’s Best-Selling LX Modular Plates
Non-Modular Gang Boxes – Suitable With Non Modular Switches
  • Nano Gang Boxes – The Legendary Nano Convertible Gang Boxes
  • Nano+ Gang Boxes – Sturdy and Reliable Gang Boxes
  • Echo Gang Boxes – The Economical Range of Gang Boxes for Traditional Non-Modular Switches

Exceptional Features


Gang Boxes are one of the most commonly used devices for making household power connections. A gang box houses switches, sockets, and other devices used to operate various electrical appliances.

Gang Boxes are made using insulating plastic materials that safely act as a barrier between the internal live wires or connections and the users. By enclosing the wires and terminals, they also reduce the amount of dust that settles on them – ensuring a trouble-free use for a longer time.

Many hobbyists and electricians use gang boxes to make inexpensive DIY extension cords. You can find several videos and articles on the internet explaining how to create them. It gives them the flexibility to create customizable extension cords according to their specific application requirements.