MCB is an abbreviation for Miniature Circuit Breaker. These circuit breakers perform the vital role of breaking the circuit to prevent damage from excessive current due to short circuit or overload.

When a short circuit occurs, a large amount of current begins to flow causing the MCB to trip almost immediately. In the event of an overload, it takes a few seconds to trip and interrupt the circuit.

Overloading and short circuits in the power supply can be dangerous for both people and equipment. To minimize these risks, MCBs are installed.

Pressfit’s SFT1 MCBs come with current ratings from 6A to 63A and high short circuit breaking capacity of 10kA. SFT1 circuit breakers adhere to the IS/IEC 60898-1 norms and are perfect fit for your heavy electrical appliances.

Exceptional Features


MCBs are more sensitive to current than a fuse. As soon as they discover anomalies, they immediately trip and interrupt the circuit. They can also be reset after tripping, which is a huge advantage over fuses. It is one of the main reasons why we are using mcb over a fuse today.

Air conditioning compressors turn on and off frequently, which increases the overall load. This is ultimately not good for the health of your entire electrical system as it can lead to arcing and, consequently, an electrical fire. To avoid such situations, mcb is used in conjunction with voltage stabilizers. They serve as a protective circuit against short circuits and overload. Likewise, mcbs are used in conjunction with other high load devices such as geyser, motor, etc.

Although the main function of the MCB is to protect lighting circuits, they are also widely used as local control switches. They can be used conveniently to turn on and off large groups of lights in shops and factories. Pressfit's SFT1 MCBs are well capable of carrying out this additional task safely and effectively.