In line with our motto “Empowering Science”, we have partnered with leading multinational companies to bring the latest high technology instrumentation, software, accessories and consumables to support the growth of science based industries and institutes in India.

Established in 1875, Shimadzu is one of the world’s foremost instrumentation companies with annual revenue of over US$ 3.5 billion. Toshvin has been representing Shimadzu in India since 1970.

  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Chromatography
  • Spectroscopy
  • Material Characterization
  • Life Science
  • Informatics

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Preekem is a leading technology provider manufacturing a range of microwave digestion systems and instruments, including a fully automated robotic system, “PREPS”. Established in the year 2000, Preekem has a presence in over 30 countries, ISO 9001 and CE Certification and is a designated supplier of AQSIQ.

  • Microwave Digestion System
  • Robot Enhanced Preparation Station

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Memmert is the world leader in ovens, incubators, sterilizers and other appliances for laboratory and industry. The product range includes devices such as universal ovens, incubators, vacuum ovens, Peltier/compressed cooled incubators, CO2 Incubators, humidity chambers, climate chambers, water and oil baths and other lab appliances. The appliances are used for a wide range of applications including material testing, component inspection, biological, chemical and food research, quality testing, and human and veterinary medicine.

  • Ovens
  • Water and Oil Bath
  • Incubators
  • Climate Chambers

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Oxford Instruments is a leading provider of high technology tools and systems for research, industry and academia. It offers a range of high quality products that have broad applications across a wide range of industries including agriculture, foods, consumer products, textiles, polymer and academia.

  • X-Pulse high resolution benchtop NMR Spectrometer
  • MQC benchtop NMR Spectrometer

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Restek Corporation, USA, is one of the leading suppliers of GC and HPLC columns and accessories and reference standards, with an extensive range of products for routine as well as specialized applications. Restek products are recognized for their quality, innovation and high performance.

  • GC Columns
  • HPLC and UPLC Columns
  • Reference Standards
  • Chromatography Accessories and Consumables

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Specac provides accurate and reliable IR and FTIR sample handling accessories to academic, industrial and research institutions worldwide. Spectroscopists around the globe depend upon Specac for innovative products that keep pace with the changing needs of their markets.

Specac’s extensive range of FTIR Accessories, IR Polarizer and Pellet Press Products for Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy include:

  • ATR Accessories
  • Specular Reflectance Accessories
  • Diffuse Reflectance Accessories
  • Liquid Transmission and Gas Transmission Cells
  • Infrared and Terahertz Wire Grid Polarizer
  • Benchtop Hydraulic Press
  • KBr Pellet Press
  • XRF Pellet Press
  • Thin Film Making Kits
  • Evacuable Pellet Die

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