Toshvin is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments in India. We represent Shimadzu Corporation, Japan for their wide range of analytical instruments.


Nexis GC-2030 GC-2010 Pro GC-2014 GC-2025 Nexis SCD-2030 Tracera GC System GC HS-20 HS-10 AOC-6000
  • The Next Industry Standard GC – Nexis
  • Designed with the analyst in mind: making routine analysis convenient with innovative “ClickTek” technology – “Install capillary columns & change liners without using any tools”
  • Information at your finger-tips : Intuitive graphical icons and mobile device monitoring
  • World’s highest FID sensitivity 1.2 pgC/s (dodecane)
  • Enhanced sensitivity for all detectors to support wide range of challenging applications
  • Wide Range of Injectors, like Split/Splitless; PTV; OCI, WBI (Direct Injection) for complete analytical flexibility
  • Excellent reproducibility with intelligent automatic flow controller
  • Fast GC capability using Hydrogen as a carrier gas and suitable even for ultra-narrow bore columns up to 0.05mm id.
  • Hydrogen sensor for additional safety
  • Exceptional versatility in configuration to match any customized applications needs
  • Unique advanced functions improves energy efficiency and reduces operating cost
  • Easy transfer of existing methods with flexible injection modes – Constant Flow with Split or Splitless Injection; constant Pressure Split or Splitless, High Pressure Injection and Shimadzu’s innovative Constant Linear Velocity Mode to achieve best column separation efficiency
  • LabSolutions workstation software offers both easy operability and extensive functionality with guaranteed compliance for 21 CFR part 11 in Client / Server Network or stand-alone platforms
  • Choice of wide range of accessories like Headspace Sampler, Auto injector/sampler, Pyrolizer, Purge & Trap, Thermal Desorption etc.
  • Choice of 3 analytical flow lines with simultaneous control of three injectors and four detectors offers best versatility when used with multiple accessories
  • Automation enhanced to next level with Eco functions – Day and time programming; System self-check; Automatic notification on consumables replacement; Carrier gas usage optimisation & low power consumption while idling.
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