Toshvin is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments in India. We represent Shimadzu Corporation, Japan for their wide range of analytical instruments.


Nexis GC-2030 GC-2010 Pro GC-2014 GC-2025 Nexis SCD-2030 Tracera GC System GC HS-20 HS-10 AOC-6000
  • High Performance & Expandability merged at higher level
  • High performance GC with excellent flexibility suitable for packed as well as capillary analysis
  • Digital setting for all carrier gas parameters with Shimadzu’s proven Advance Flow Controller (AFC) for both capillary and packed injection ports for excellent retention time reproducibility and ease of use
  • Dual AFC for packed columns with two independent flow lines for different carrier gas in each flow line
  • Shimadzu’s unique differential dual FID design for excellent baseline stability and column bleed compensation
  • Capability of simultaneously mounting up to 3 injection ports and 4 detectors on single GC
  • Full range of high sensitivity detectors – FID, TCD, ECD, FTD & FPD
  • 20 step column temp programming and 7 step pressure / flow programming
  • Large interactive Graphical Use Interface (GUI) LCD display for easy setting of GC parameters and monitoring functions including chromatograms
  • Intelligent self-diagnostics functions validate the instrument before every sample injection
  • Compatible with wide range of accessories like Auto-Injectors & Samplers, Gas Sampling Valves, Methanizer etc.
  • Extremely small footprint and compact design
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