Toshvin is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments in India. We represent Shimadzu Corporation, Japan for their wide range of analytical instruments.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

AA - 7000 AA - 6880
  • Unmatched sensitivity and superior stability with Shimadzu’s innovative 3D Double Beam optic for ultra trace measurements
  • World-Class High Sensitivity Furnace for lowest detection limits
    Pb: 0.05 ppb
    Mn: 0.01 ppb
  • Trace analysis of low volume samples by unique Micro Sampling Flame analysis with auto dilution capability
  • Reliable analysis with advanced automation in lamp selection, digital gas flow control, flame ignition and choice of manual or motorized burner movement
  • Easy switchover between Flame and Furnace measurement with software controlled Dual Atomizer System
  • Single integrated atomizer handles high concentration to trace Analysis samples
  • Dual Background Correction with D2 and Self Reversal technique for accurate measurement of trace elements in complex matrices
  • Most comprehensive Advanced Safety Technology including world’s first vibration sensor, gas leak check function, flame retardant body and atomizer
  • Intelligent auto-sampler for unattended operation common for Flame & Furnace system
  • Users friendly operation through PC based WizAArd software for complete instruments control, data acquisition and processing
  • Built-in hardware validation functions, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, network compatibility and comprehensive data management system
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