Toshvin is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments in India. We represent Shimadzu Corporation, Japan for their wide range of analytical instruments.

FTIR-Infared Microscope

AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope
  • Highest sensitivity in its class of IR microscope with signal to noise ratio 30,000 : 1 enable to analyse trace contaminants
  • Automated micro analysis with quick and easy operations
  • Optionally available Shimadzu’s proprietary wide-field camera and microscopecamera help to observe micro level contaminants in samples efficiently
  • Automatically recognizes the contaminant by determining theoptimal aperture size and angle in only one second
  • Unique “Contaminant Analysis Program” identifies contaminant with high precision using spectral library
  • Applications oriented contaminant libraries available for Food, Tap water, Thermal-damaged Plastics
  • Infrared measurement is possible simultaneously during visual observation
  • Powerful Windows based AIMsolutions software for advanced data processing
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