Toshvin is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments in India. We represent Shimadzu Corporation, Japan for their wide range of analytical instruments.

FTIR Spectrophotometers

IRSpirit IRAffiity - 1S IRTracer - 100

Advanced high end FTIR Spectrophotometer for critical R&D and challenging QC applications

  • Advanced FTIR with ultra high sensitivity, high resolution and high speed
  • Covers wide application needs from FIR to NIR
  • Ideal for high speed reaction monitoring with rapid scan function
  • Assured interferometer protection from high humidity through in-built Automatic Solid High-Polymer Electrolytic Desiccator for long instrument life
  • Fast instrument stabilization and reliable measurements with Dynamic Alignment Mechanism ensures stable interferometer with short warm up times
  • Meets all regulatory requirements with built-in validation program complying with European Pharmacopoeia and ASTM
  • Advanced diagnostics functions with on screen display of instrument status and condition of critical instrument components like Beam Splitter, Laser, Source etc.
  • Powerful Windows based 32-bit LabSolutions IR workstation software meeting the requirements of FDA 21 CFR, Part 11
  • Comprehensive data processing capability including routine data processing functions and advanced quantitation protocols
  • In-built Pharma report program makes Pass / Fail judgment on samples with respect to standards based on peak positions and strength ratio
  • Unique Contaminant Analysis Program with built-in algorithms to detect common inorganic, organic and polymers contaminants with high degree of accuracy
  • Advanced automation with automatic accessories recognition function for smart accessories
  • Wide range of accessories – DRS, Single / Multi Reflection ATRs, Infra-Red Microcope etc
  • Built in 12,000 spectra database for easy identification of unknown compounds

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