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Alignment Issues


#EktaSpeaksMarch 19, 2019

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems to fall in place but there's still something bothering you? That is my exact state when I see things and thoughts that aren't aligned visually, mentally and physically. Considering, I have spent my entire week thinking about how to align my article with the alignment issues that I face in my day to day work, all the 'Alignmentals' around me might agree with the thoughts aligned here.

Formally being trained as a graphic designer, I definitely have design criteria that I like taking into consideration whenever a design project is handed to me. The basic guidelines of alignments are not necessarily the most difficult ones to follow but actually the very common ones that sometimes are most neglected, because we start taking them for granted. Such alignments might take a few minutes to get it right but once you have got it, your design will definitely not disturb the one viewing it. Now whoever is reading this, might start feeling alignments is an arrangement in which two or more things are positioned in a straight line or parallel to each other, well yes, it is the definition of alignment but it does not stop there.

Alignment is also a process of sharing the same thoughts with each other or a group of people or whoever is in the delivering and the receiving end. This is exactly what happens while designing a brand. As mentioned earlier, I was formally trained as a designer and now work on creating brands. Creating brands is not just creating a pretty looking logo and pasting it in all kinds of applications and marketing material, instead, it is aligning the 'what' the brand has to offer to 'who' that it has to offer is the successful alignment. Brands that fail to align the needs of the target audience with the image they create, do not sustain in the business. Creating successful brands with alignments as my ally, is what I enjoy the most.

Kapferer's Prism - A module used to align brands

Once these alignments are by your side then there is no looking back. You either start analyzing everything in your life based on it because you just can't live without them. That's when you 100% know that you have turned into an 'Alignmental' case and no one can save you from being aligned, even if you want to. Your life gets aligned too. You work life, your family life gets aligned in a way that even if you want to try something new, you will see how it can be aligned with your life first. Recently we renovated our house - aligning thoughts with workers at home and the best work they put forward but yet missing out on laying one tile parallel to another carefully bothered me. Aligning the non-aligned problems, to come up with the best-aligned solutions is what 'Alignmentals' are best at.

Happy Aligning!

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