Dinasur - ABND

Imagination hits a new high,
Dinosaurs of Dinopur are here!

Parenting is no piece of cake. You not only satisfy the curiosity of the little one but also capture his infinite imagination. At Dinopur, the joy of togetherness, the virtues of sharing and the values of preserving nature are narrated to the child in an engaging manner in a typical Indian family setting. However, the imageries are in sync with current times. Mama Sur is a working mother who doesn’t need to be dressed in traditional Indian attire.

The book engages the child beyond the story with interesting activities, stickers and questions, making the story memorable and the child self-reflective.

ABND was happy to illustrate stories for children who can't find a link between the values taught at home and the books they read. There were multiple character explorations behind designing the books, both at the visual and at the conceptual level. The detail in the imagery was intricately thought out and executed. Relating human emotions through imaginative animal characters was a big creative challenge. Every feature of each dinosaur was looked into, making them familiar and friendly. Small details of individual elements were highlighted on each page, keeping in mind the habitat of a dinosaur.

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