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    ABND, an award-winning branding agency was established in 2010, with the vision of developing strong brands that go hand-in-hand with business objectives. Armed with a focus on the bottom-line and a brand-centric business solution approach, our team of branding experts have been able to create numerous successful brands that have gone ahead to create a massive impact in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Take a look at a few of our branding success stories

    Revolutionising Medtech with ABND's cutting-edge branding solutions.

    ABND undertook a comprehensive project encompassing various aspects of brand development for a Helmier, a promising medtech company. The objective was to establish a cutting-edge brand that offers innovative medical device solutions and supports doctors in delivering optimal care to patients. The process was meticulous and thorough, with close collaboration between Team ABND and Helmier starting from the initial planning stages to the final implementation. Market research demanded a proactive medtech brand, which inspired us to develop Helmier's call to action - "No tomorrow for care." The new brand conveyed excitement, urgency, and action, aligning with the company's clear and consistent focus. ABND continues to provide advisory services to Helmier, including sales pitch deployment collaterals, sonic branding, phased launch on social media, and website development.

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    An award-winning solution for hair care with creative brilliance

    ABND worked with Alembic Pharmaceuticals to develop Altris HD Hair Hue Therapy, the project encompassed several key elements including brand positioning, brand naming, packaging design, and brand communication. Alembic had developed a unique natural hair dye that set them apart from others in the same category, as it was completely chemical-free. We recognized the need to create a new product category that would make this hair dye truly stand out. The positioning was established to ensure that Altris HD gained wider visibility and accessibility among the general public, serving as both an over-the-counter drug and a professionally prescribed treatment. We aimed to convey that it is not just a product, but an entire therapeutic experience that customers would be assured of when purchasing it. Our strategic approach focused on highlighting its 100% natural composition.

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    A gummy brand that doubles up as your child's best friend

    Gumazing is a nutraceutical gummy brand for kids. The brand was established for a Hong Kong based Eternal Mark, targeting global markets. The aim was to develop a brand that appealed to the playful innocent nature of the child as well as resonated with credibility and trust for the parent. Inspired by the experience of a parent and a child and the purest form of emotion, a hug, the brand was positioned to offer the same warmth and love via the product and assure the credibility of the brand.

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    A global rebranding exercise with Bold Branding Moves

    After the acquisition of Pfaudler International (a 100 year old company) by its Indian subsidy GMM Pfaudler, there was a serious need to streamline, define and rebrand the new entity in order to ensure a global alignment under one umbrella brand. Our work for GMM Pfaudler included a comprehensive global rebranding exercise that began with a brand audit, immersions and research modules across the globe which led us to streamlining and redefining the brand architecture and brand naming system for the group and all its entities across geographies. Through rebranding, we established a unified vision and purpose, encapsulated by the rallying cry of "Big Moves," which served as a guiding principle for the organization's progress and expansion. The new brand identity reflected the unique personality and values of the company, which formed the basis for a robust brand architecture.

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    From Mydentist to Sabka Dentist, unveiling the Dental Renaissance

    In 2016, Sabka Dentist (then Mydentist) approached ABND for a repositioning and brand naming exercise. With over 200 outlets and an established reputation in the dental care market, they sought a new brand name to address a conflicting issue. Despite the need for a change, their existing name had garnered trust over seven years of operation. Our teams at ABND engaged in extensive research modules to assess the brand equity associated with the existing brand name and the strategy to combat the name change without losing market share. Based on our findings we developed the new positioning, new brand name and a comprehensive strategy for market roll-out.

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    Robust healthcare & pharmaceutical brand building experience

    We've created healthcare brands that are present across the globe and worked closely with doctors, healthcare and medtech professionals, thus giving us an intrinsic and in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical network, market dynamics, and regulatory norms.

    Brand Architecture and Product Portfolio proficiency

    We are branding experts with an ability to comprehend complexities related to brand architecture and product portfolios across different geographies. We have provided strategic expertise in developing cohesive and effective brand structures.

    On-grounds research for Hospital / Doctor / Patient / Retailer insights

    At ABND we understand the difference between the customer and the consumer when it comes to healthcare brands, we realise the criticalities involved in decision making through extensive on-ground research that helps drive effective brand strategies.

    Proven expertise collaborating with Doctors and Pharma Professionals

    We have a demonstrated track record of successfully collaborating with doctors, pharmaceutical professionals, and key industry stakeholders. The learnings and expertise from this network helps us build profitable brands with effective communication strategies.

    Developed new product lines for Pharma Giants

    We have built product brands for some of the most renowned names in the Pharmaceutical industry and helped global pharma giants with an India-specific product strategy helping them create successful and impactful product portfolios.

    At ABND, we don't just create logos and slogans, we build brands that ensure business growth and profitability. Let us help you tell your unique story and stand out from the competition.