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    ABND, an award-winning branding agency was established in 2010, with the vision of developing strong brands that go hand-in-hand with business objectives. Armed with a focus on the bottom-line and a brand-centric business solution approach, our team of branding experts have been able to create numerous successful B2B, Industrial & Manufacturing brands that have gone ahead to create a massive impact.

    Take a look at a few of our branding success stories

    A global rebranding exercise with Bold Branding Moves

    After the acquisition of Pfaudler International (a 100 year old company) by its Indian subsidy GMM Pfaudler, there was a serious need to streamline, define and rebrand the new entity in order to ensure a global alignment under one umbrella brand. Our work for GMM Pfaudler included a comprehensive global rebranding exercise that began with a brand audit, immersions and research modules across the globe which led us to streamlining and redefining the brand architecture and brand naming system for the group and all its entities across geographies. Through rebranding, we established a unified vision and purpose, encapsulated by the rallying cry of "Big Moves," which served as a guiding principle for the organization's progress and expansion. The new brand identity reflected the unique personality and values of the company, which formed the basis for a robust brand architecture.

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    Revolutionising Medtech with ABND's cutting-edge branding solutions.

    ABND undertook a comprehensive project encompassing various aspects of brand development for a Helmier, a promising medtech company. The objective was to establish a cutting-edge brand that offers innovative medical device solutions and supports doctors in delivering optimal care to patients. The process was meticulous and thorough, with close collaboration between Team ABND and Helmier starting from the initial planning stages to the final implementation. Market research demanded a proactive medtech brand, which inspired us to develop Helmier's call to action - "No tomorrow for care." The new brand conveyed excitement, urgency, and action, aligning with the company's clear and consistent focus. ABND continues to provide advisory services to Helmier, including sales pitch deployment collaterals, sonic branding, phased launch on social media, and website development.

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    An award-winning rebranding and brand architecture strategy that became a business game-changer

    Transitioning from the B2B to a B2C market, Precision Electricals was positioned as a brand that goes above and beyond mere compliance and industry standards, and sets a new benchmark. To make the Brand further resonate with being established, credible and organised, a Product Architecture Strategy was devised to ensure that each brand under the umbrella builds Brand Recall and Equity for the Parent Brand.

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    Rebranding and positioning an end-to-end electrical solutions provider

    Pressfit was rebranded with the idea that thoughtful homes are driven by simplicity and efficiency. We identified that the target audience sought convenience owing to the overpopulated space, something which is otherwise an innate need, and overlooked by the category.

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    Unparalleled B2B Expertise in Manufacturing and Engineering

    Our team possesses extensive expertise in areas such as industrial engineering, lean manufacturing, Toyota production systems, six sigma, and industrial automation. We understand the requirements for building a world-class B2B brand.

    On-ground Research Capabilities

    Our research network goes beyond customers to include retailers, dealers, distributors, and technicians. We believe that true insights come from grassroots levels, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target market.

    Brands that align with growth / expansion strategy

    We bring to the table in-depth understanding of acquisitions, joint-ventures, vertical and horizontal expansions to ensure that our strategy help build brands that are future-ready

    Understanding of Business Complexities

    ABND has a track record of developing award-winning brand strategies for businesses facing significant challenges. Whether it's managing a complex product portfolio, addressing a lack of brand visibility, or catering to geography-specific product offerings, we have the expertise to overcome these obstacles and drive success.

    Industrial Design and Product Development Background

    Our team brings years of experience in designing and developing physical products. This background allows us to create brands that consider industrial design principles, ensuring a seamless integration of aesthetics, functionality, and brand identity.

    At ABND, we don't just create logos and slogans, we build brands that ensure business growth and profitability. Let us help you tell your unique story and stand out from the competition.