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Kami Kubi

Developing a brand that redefines the meaning of real in the ethnic wear industry

Positioning, Brand Identity, Communication Strategy

Kami Kubi is a brand developed for Disha Enterprises, a B2B textile manufacturer supplying to leading ethnic wear brands in India. With decades of expertise in this industry, they aimed to venture into the B2C space with a unique and affordable brand that stands out in the ethnic wear market in India.

The Challenge

The Indian ethnic wear industry is highly cluttered across both ends of the spectrum from affordable to premium and from everyday wear to occasional attire. The increasing number of occasions in India too led to the development of complex wardrobes. Additionally, the internationalisation of Indian ethnic wear brands saw numerous global brands entering the Indian market and catering to the aesthetic preferences of Indian shoppers. It was important for the brand to go beyond products and identify a narrative that resonated with an identified target audience.

The Solution

The TG was identified to be a wide group of women, across ages of 24 to 75 years, with a unique mindset that connected them together. The brand was built on the innate understanding of what ‘dressing up’ meant to them and why they chose to ‘dress up’. Built during the COVID pandemic, this definition changed drastically as they were confined between the four walls of their homes. It also led to a shift in the mindset of our TG, where they strived to feel special and not just look special. Dressing up thus went beyond meaning and evolved to the contextual settings of our TG; whether it was to feel confident, to be self-aware, or to stand out.

This contextual understanding that each woman is her own unique self and could be labelled into a fixed type is what led to building the foundation of the brand. While competitors focused on certain personalities of women, their products and services, the new brand focused on changing the story to one that could shift forms for each woman. It evolved from trends to classics, from being in vogue to emphasising unique styles, and from feeling good to feeling like themselves, i.e., feeling ‘real’. The new brand just was established with a unique name of ‘Kami Kubi’, meaning Good and Bad, Positive and Negative, to highlight the ‘real’ woman.

The communication too was unconventional, where women in comfortable clothing were highlighted at special occasions and vice versa. It broke predefined notions and labels associated with clothing and helped it evolve across generations.

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