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Queensline: Making Waves, Literally

April 27, 2018

What's making waves in the city of dreams? Shripriya Dalmia, the proud owner of a fleet of ships, presents the historical wonders of what had once hosted royal dignitaries of the likes of Queen Elizabeth... and it's in the news. The whiff of luxury now comes from the Arabian seas.

These ships will be Mumbai's largest floating restaurants, being able to accommodate 400 diners at a time. Owing to its history and now in the hands of a lady who sees everything to perfection, ABND has helped create the brand, by giving the name to it - Queensline. Emerging from the exotic deep blue Turkish seas, the grand fleet of Queensline, Neverland and SeaYah, is ready to take you into the purple skies.

Shripriya's childhood memories of playing at the beach and a fantasy she always had of admiring the skyline of Mumbai from within the seas while dining on the deep blue waters, led her to hold on to her tryst with the Mumbai seas.

ABND partnered with this unique vision and fantasy, seeing it through complete execution. Naming the mother brand of this royal fleet, our team took up the challenge of crafting its visual identity, weaving in the story of a passion in detail into the pleasure craft.

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