Scampering The Lindt - ABND

Scampering The Lindt

May 4, 2018

Heard of any unique method of product innovation? When we got to know of Scamper, a creativity checklist technique that does the same, we were too tempted to try it out when brainstorming on the possible routes of product innovation for our favourite chocolate Lindt. Not only was our grey cells put to test, our mouths were watering to scoop up all the chocolates after the brainstorming session! This creative Scampering of the Lindt chocolates gave way to unique product ideas. While some of us suggested modifying Lindt into edible pencils and jewelry, others suggested that it be put to use as chocolate coated medicines for children. When we reached at the bottom of the Scamper ladder, with 'E' for Elimination, we came up with doing away with milk and making measured chocolate cubes for kid's cupcakes!

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